Fighting for clean air and clean water for every American

Every American, no matter where they live, should have clean air to breathe and safe water to drink. Over the last few decades, our country has made significant progress to protect our environment and public health. Unfortunately, the current administration is putting the health of every American at great risk by rolling back common-sense consumer protections that keep families safe, denying the threat of climate change and ignoring the sacred responsibility to pass onto the next generation a healthier, more sustainable environment. It’s up to Congress to fight back.

I’ve long said we don’t have to choose between strong environmental protections and jobs. Moving our country toward a clean energy future goes hand in hand with job creation. By encouraging companies to reduce their carbon footprint and invest in green technology, we can harness American innovation, lead the world in developing new clean energy technologies and create the clean-energy manufacturing jobs of the future.

I believe that the reality of climate change is undeniable. From our coastal communities dealing with rising sea levels to our rural communities faced with more unpredictable growing seasons, the threat of climate change is real and growing. I believe we need to take action on a global scale to curb the human contribution to climate change.