Tell Republicans: We Want a Bipartisan Tax Reform Plan

Under the cover of night, when few Americans were watching or following along online, Republicans pushed a tax bill through the Senate without even giving members the time they needed to know what they were voting on.

I’ve been a member of the Senate Finance Committee for nine years, but I’ve never seen such departure from bipartisanship and transparency.

This tax plan is a major piece of legislation that will affect millions of Americans and set off ripple effects throughout our entire economy. But despite challenge of addressing such a tall order, Republicans refused to engage in any bipartisan negotiations or hold public hearings to review their bill.

The version that passed was finalized just hours before and included illegible handwritten changes.

The bill still has to clear legislative hurdles before it goes to President Trump’s desk, which means we need to take every opportunity we can to oppose it.

Add your name to tell Republicans to work across the aisle to come up with a better tax reform plan.