Tell the Trump Administration and Pruitt: No Cuts to the EPA

It’s been one year since Scott Pruitt became an administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency.

I can’t say I have any positive things to say about his tenure so far.

In just a year, Pruitt nixed clean air, clean water, and chemical safety protections. He’s refused to listen to science and repealed the Clean Power Plan.

And what does Mr. Pruitt have to say about all this? Not much. After putting off an appearance before the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, he finally showed up and couldn’t answer simple yes or no questions.

It looks like things could get even worse. The President is proposing a $2.5 billion cut to the EPA.

Proposed cuts to the EPA would hit the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay Restoration initiatives. It would also eliminate funding for prosecuting environmental crimes.

As I’ve said before, we can’t afford to continue to ignore climate change and pollute our air and drinking water. We need to continue to call out the disastrous direction the Trump administration and Scott Pruitt are taking the EPA.

Demand the Trump administration and Scott Pruitt take the job of protecting our environment seriously. We can’t afford EPA budget cuts.