Why we’re fighting Scott Pruitt

Science rebuked. Progress stalled. Ethics ignored. Power abused. These are the hallmarks of Scott Pruitt’s EPA administration and, frankly, the Trump Administration.

But while we fight against Scott Pruitt’s EPA administration, we need to stay focused on what we’re fighting for.

For a moment, just imagine that it’s the year 2050.

Every country on Earth is in the shadows of United States of America, the world’s economic superpower, as we lead the global effort to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Millions of Americans – including those whose ancestors were once confined to a life the coal mines – now have careers in green manufacturing, harnessing the clean energy of the sun and the wind to power our country’s homes, schools and businesses.

Polluters are held accountable. States are good neighbors, and no downwind state has to pay the price for an upwind state’s toxic emissions. In 2050, everywhere you go in America – from the Great Smoky Mountains to the City of Angels – the air is getting clearer and cleaner. In every zip code, families can turn on their faucet and have confidence that the water it spouts is safe for their kids to drink.

We’re fighting to make sure that in 2050, Americans will have long forgotten the name of the man who once disgraced the Environmental Protection Agency by trying to dismantle its mission to protect our environment and public health.

Here and now in 2018, we have a lot of work to do to protect our vision for the future. But by fighting back, and staying focused on what we’re fighting for, we can make that vision a reality.

Thank you,

Tom Carper