Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: Carper: Farmers ‘collateral damage’ in government shutdown

Sen. Tom Carper met with owner of Magee Farms, Ellen Magee, and her son Chris Magee, on Jan. 11 to discuss the impacts the government shutdown continues to have on Delaware farmers.

Specifically, the shutdown has hindered farmers in Delaware, including the Magees, from receiving vital farm subsidies distributed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“The ongoing government shutdown, which will become the longest shutdown in our nation’s history tomorrow, was entirely avoidable. Sadly, 21 days in, this shutdown continues to harm Americans who are working not knowing if or when they’ll get paid and unable to access resources for their businesses through no fault of their own,” said Carper. “Included in that collateral damage are our farmers who help drive our economy and feed our communities. Our farmers have already been hit hard by the president’s senseless trade wars, and they certainly don’t need an unnecessary government shutdown on top of it that further hinders their ability to operate their business. The president needs to recognize the real costs of this shutdown to Delaware’s families, businesses and economy. He should immediately reopen the government so the Department of Agriculture and other impacted agencies can get back to work helping our farmers and rural communities.”