47 ABC: Sen. Tom Carper: The battle over USPS isn’t over. We’re demanding answers

DELAWARE – Delaware Senator Tom Carper took part in a virtual conversation about the fate of veterans if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. The Supreme Court is expected to hold hearings on the Affordable Care Act November 10thAs Supreme Court confirmation hearings continue for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, some veterans have raised concerns about how she might rule on the Affordable Care Act hearings.

During Friday’s discussion, Sen. Carper said that veterans could risk losing protections under the Affordable Care Act, like lowered prescription drug costs and coverage for pre-existing conditions. “The idea that those veterans, and frankly, millions of other people who have a pre-existing condition – that some how they are going to not be able to get coverage and have pay more for coverage – that’s just wrong. Those are some of the things that are at stake here with this nomination,” said Sen. Carper.

Sen. Carper also says that the Affordable Care Act has helped to take a burden off of VA hospitals. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, the number of uninsured veterans dropped by 40%.